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Samsung and the Art of Customer Care

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So, in case you had not heard, my NC10 has died.  It croaked at under 10 months old – which is good news in a way because it means that I get a warranty repair.  And, anyway, this is Samsung.  They are huge – can you imagine how good their customer services must be?  No?  Read on!

I first realised that my NC10 had died at 8pm on Thursday 29 October.  I know that because I was just about to record an edition of PhotoLegal.  So, about an hour later, I went online (because that is what the phone line tells you to do – ‘you get 24 hour support online’) to report the problem and request a service.

Online Service Request

Let’s deal with that first shall we?  By Monday, I could not be bothered to wait any more for them to reply, so I called them.

The online request is still there in my account as I type – it reads ‘Waiting Reply’ (it’s Tuesday 3rd November, by the way).  I fear the warranty will run out on me well before that gets dealt with – if they ever do, I’ll let you know.  But, just for the record, still nothing from the ’24 hour’ online service.

Telephone Service

Isn’t it always lovely to speak to a human being?  Humans are better than computers.  Humans understand.  They realise how frustrating things can be and they deal with them.

Martin listened intently. He was amazed that my request had not been dealt with. He would deal with it.  He was that kind of guy.

He would organise for a courier to come and pick up my computer in the next 48 hours and it would be returned within 5 days.

Martin, you rocked my world.

So, said Martin, they will come to your home address… NO! Wait up, Mart, me old mate.  Could they pick it up from work?

Of course! Martin was customer services.  He could make things happen.

I went through the address with him.  The postcode twice (because he didn’t hear it the first time) and then the address. The courier would call and arrange to come and pick it up. No need to put it in the box – Martin was a genius, he was going to get the courier to bring a box too.  I would have gladly had Martin’s children, if only I had been blessed with the appropriate bits.  Sadly, I hadn’t.

I went to work with my NC10 in its makeshift ambulance. And I waited.  I waited until past 5.30 – trying desperately to get in touch with the courier to find out where the idiots were.  Come on, DHD – where are you?

DHD Don’t Appear

DHD did not turn up.  Man alive, I was angry – well you would be.

Martin had gone to all that trouble and the result was that I still had my NC10 and had missed my train.  Martin would be angry.

Well, he would have been if he had actually bothered to send the courier to the right address.  He had sent them home.

This was confirmed to me by Martin’s friend, David, who initially suggested it was my fault for giving the wrong address.

Now, I am sure that David and Martin are good friends and it’s nice that they stick up for each other but, to be honest, I was not that impressed by either of them at this stage.

David told me that he could not rebook it – he would have to ask Martin to rebook it.  Martin would do that and I would get a pick up from work by Thursday  5th November at the EARLIEST.  Then it would take another five days to get it fixed.

Samsung – Just a view

Samsung, I just want you to know that I think that your customer services are really really bad.  They are actually pretty much a case study in useless.  Inept is a word that probably does not do it justice.  You go to all the trouble to design something like the NC10 and then you ruin it with dreadful customer care.

Now, under normal circumstances, I would just write you a letter and keep it between us but, after the past week, I am not sure that you would care.  So I thought I would do two things.  The first was to warn everyone as to what they can expect if something goes wrong with one of your products.  The second was to tell you that this article is here and to say that you can have a right of reply.  If you want it.  Up to you.  No pressure.  Of course, it would be nice to think you were concentrating more on fixing my computer.  But it is only fair that you can have your say too.

Just as long as you understand why I had my say.  And why I would now go out of my way to avoid buying anything from you again.

Love and hugs,

Socialholic x

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Written by Socialholic

November 3rd, 2009 at 8:51 pm

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