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Those ‘hilarious’ rape t-shirts

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Is there anything funnier than a bit of old fashioned rape?

Sorry. Did that shock you? It’s a serious question. Believe it or not, there is a steady trade of amusing rape-based t-shirts in this country at the moment.

Marketed as ‘funny’, they are aimed at the assortment of weirdos who would not think twice about wearing them down the pub on a weekend where they would be joined by other halfwits who think that wearing amusing ‘rohypnol’-based t-shirts is a jolly jape.

I noticed one of these companies, 1stoptshirtshop, on Saturday. After a very short period online where fellow tweeters started pointing out who their commercial partners were, 1stoptshirtshop decided to remove their selection of rape tshirts from their website. Which was a shame because I had not taken a screenshot to prove that they were on sale. Rookie error on my part.

And it puts me in a difficult position because if I started to call 1stoptshirtshop sick and weird for selling them, what proof do I have? I could get in all sorts of trouble. Especially as I thought it might be an idea to contact some of their suppliers including, iWoot, Sky and others, to let them know who they were being linked to.


Anyway, fear not because you can still buy your rape tshirts online! I found them! (I can hear your sense of relief!)

And you can still get them from 1stoptshirtshop (or at least on their Amazon store)! Yep, you too can be the proud owner of a “Funny Rohypnol can be persuasive baseball style t-shirt white with black sleeves“. Or, for the ladies, there is the “Funny Rohypnol can be persuasive ladies fitted t-shirt – Black“.

Incredibly, 1stoptshirtshop has a list of ‘partner’ companies that it displays on their website. For ease of reference, these include:



Comet Electricals




Red Letter Days



You may know that the co-owners of Red Letter Days are Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones. We think that Peter, being a massive name on Twitter, would be a great person to help us spread the word about this company and maybe put a little pressure on 1stoptshirtshop to stop selling these tshirts. If you are on Twitter, you can send the following tweet to Peter Jones just by clicking it: “@dragonjones Did you know that 1StopShirtShop sells ‘rape’ tshirts and says that Red Letter Days is a partner company? #Stop1Stop

If you can follow up with “@DragonJones You can see the rape tshirts here and the partner page here #Stop1Stop

There are other companies who are selling these. Chargrilled have a selection of rape tshirts, there’s a rib-tickling “It’s not rape if you shout surprise” from Offensive TShirts UK and there are others too. They are next on the list…

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Written by James

October 10th, 2011 at 7:11 am

Posted in Controversy,ecommerce

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  • Chandra bose

    These days T-shirts have printed with creative sentences, which shows what kind of person he is.
    Cover Letters

  • Beatriz Sotomayor

    Wow, rape hahahahahaha!!! A##holes!!!

  • Beatriz Sotomayor

    Wow, rape hahahahahaha!!! A##holes!!!