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Email to David Robey re the cancellation of Danny Baker’s show

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Yes, I am annoyed. Yes, I was annoyed when I wrote it. No, it’s not entirely constructive. Yes, it was toned down, quite a bit. And I like the BBC, really quite a lot.


Dear Mr Robey

Re Danny Baker

What a ridiculous decision. I would give you a complete email explaining why it’s a bad idea and how good Danny Baker is but, let’s be honest, you don’t care what I (or any of the listeners) think – provided that I pay my licence fee, I’m nothing more than a minor irritation. So what’s the point, eh?

I look forward to hearing whichever poor sap is ordered to come out and explain why the listenership figures have dived in a few months time, telling everyone that it all has to do with different ways that people consume radio and nothing to do with you ditching a multi-award-winning and much loved broadcaster.

If your secret mission is to close the station to save money, grow some and close it. I’m sure they’ll put up a statute to you somewhere. Go on, bung it on eBay – if you’re really smart, you could do it on a ‘free listing’ weekend and save another couple of quid.

If it’s just to save some money, could I respectfully suggest that you take a pay cut? A big one?

Yours, someone that appreciates the difference between value and cost,


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Written by James

November 2nd, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Posted in radio